Sunday, 29 March 2015

New Saddle!

It's here! It's here! New saddle has arrived!
There is a name plate waiting to go on but she didn't put that on before because we needed to make sure it fit him right first but when it goes in for re-stuffing (she said the stuffing will bed down within the first few months so she re-stuffs it free) it will be added on so I will get a picture when that's on but for now it is just a lovely nice new saddle!
We went for a little walk/trot hack up the lane to try it out and I intend to have a good full ride tomorrow but it fits us both really nicely and is so comfortable, I'm very excited to finally have an adult sized saddle for my very adult sized legs :)

Got stirrup covers to stop them scratching the saddle bcuz obsessive.
No photos of it on him or riding in it yet but I promise those will come soon.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Spring, cross country and head injuries

We went out for our first cross country schooling of the year on Saturday, all three of us! It was so nice to have Lottie be able to bring a pony along too (John doesn't want to be friends with the trailer just yet) because we haven't gone out and all taken a pony since my first cross country in 2013. We took Sunny, Sparkie and Star, all the S's.
Sunny and I made it to the 4th fence (jumping each one a few times so we'd jumped about 12 times) before I came off, landed on my head and my day of jumping was over because my forehead was swollen and I couldn't put my helmet back on. But we walked around the rest of the course while Beth and Lottie jumped and they had a fab time, then at the end Sunny and I jumped a ditch (me on foot lol) which was super cute. This was minutes before he was grazing next to a jump and lifted his head and ripped the ear almost clean off his fly veil. Pretty concerning that it ripped it so easily, imagine if that had been his actual ear!
So all in all first XC of the year could have gone better but up until I came off (after a fence, not before or onto which is progress lol) he was jumping the most confidently he ever has XC and was actually cantering all the fences so I'm excited to go again soon.
And in other, very exciting, news, the saddler is bringing our new saddle out on Friday evening! Expect masses of saddle spam, be ready for it, I'm not even a little bit sorry.


Friday, 13 March 2015

Four Years

Today is the day we celebrate 4 years of Sunny and I being a team. I'm sure I'm supposed to say I wouldn't change a minute of it but that would be a lie. Of course there are things I would change, I'm sure there is nobody out there that can say in 4 years with their horse there is not one moment that they would rather not think about, one decision they wish they'd made differently, but the things we have done are done, we can't change them, we just have to look at the results of them and hope we are happy with what we have. And while I'm not going to pretend working with Sunny is always sunshine (see what I did there) and rainbows, it is worth is, because little ginger is my best friend and I wouldn't want to give him up for anything in this world.
So happy 4 years Monkey, here's to many, many more.
Spent the afternoon having a thorough groom and doing some carrot stretches since it rained all morning.

Duck lip poses. 

From our ride on Wednesday, Mr didn't have much energy but we did manage some lovely work.


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Full spa day

Firstly let me just apologise for any rediculous typos in this post, my laptop is brokem so I'm posting from my tabet.
Tasha (the physio) came out to see Sunny, Jack and Sparkie on Wednesday so we made a whole day of it. Its Beth's birthday next month so getting massages for the boys was my present to her. Sunny went first and was a little star the whole way through, he actually seemed really excited to see her (pocket full of trearts). Jack and Sparkie then had their turns (with a lunch break for the humans in between) and were very good  boys. Ron looked a little put out that he didn't get a turn so I promised him he will get a turn when he starts wearing a saddle and carrying a rider.

In other news, Lottie has a pony on loan to be friends with John! His name is Star and he lives up to it, we're very excited to go out and play lots over spring with him while John discovers the joys of jumping and makes friends with the trailer. I can't get my tablet to add photos so yoyou'll get those when I have my laptop back.

ETA: Using parents computer, here is Star!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Immersion Therapy

Lets have a little pretend interview here shall we?
Interviewer: Emma, what is the one thing Sunny is genuinely fearful of?
Me: Good question, that would be wind, wind is something he does not understand and it makes him very nervous. 
I: That's fascinating. May I ask what you did with him today?
M: Today I hacked him to the wind turbine.

Yes. I'm a bad person. I'd like to say "In my defense I forgot he was scared of wind" but that's not really a defense as I really should be able to remember the one thing that scares him. We were just scooting along through the field having a great time when he suddenly got all snorty and tried to turn back all bouncy like. I was sort of just like "What's the deal mate?" and then Beth pointed out that we were basically right under the wind turbine and it turns out those things make quite a high pitched noise if you stand next to them. Sunny was not keen. Considering he was clearly genuinely scared he was pretty good about it and calmed down to hacking home on the buckle after a few minutes once he felt we were suitably away from it.
But you know. Immersion therapy. It's a real thing.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Ding ding ding we found gold!

I don't think any of my readers who aren't Lottie or Beth have been reading long enough to have seen this post from 2013 about chatting with my then farrier about Sunny's breeding. This wasn't the first time I'd tried to make contact with Sunny's breeders, I think the first time was somewhere in early 2012. I've never really been successful and always ended up at dead ends.I didn't have any burning questions but I just would have liked as much info as possible and to see if they had any baby pictures.
Well the other day Lottie mentioned that a show ad she'd seen on facebook listed his breeders as sponsoring one of the classes so I asked if there was any contact info. There wasn't but this spiked my interest again so (not expecting anything as I'd done this multiple times before with no success) I typed them into google.
Ding ding. We have a facebook page.
So I messaged them last night asking for any information and baby photos and now I finally have information.
This is Sunny's Dam, Abercyppin Welsh Model, 1995 black Welsh D. I already knew about her, she's listed in his passport, but I had never seen a photo of her.
That foal is not Sunny...just putting that out there in case you can't tell lol
And this....this is Sunny's sire. Escley Tumble, 1992 dun Welsh.....A.
Welsh A?! Now I've seen DxC's, I've Seen AxB's, I've seen BxC's...I've even seen DxB's and AxC's.....never in my life have I heard of someone crossing a Section D and a Section A! Apparently when Sunny's breeders bought his dam she was already in foal with him to Tumble, but the previous owners didn't provide the new owners with a covering certificate, hence Tumble could not be registered on Sunny's passport and he went down as a Welsh Part Bred. Unfortunately there are no baby pictures as the woman now running the stud took over from her dad in 2009 so there are no Photos of the foals from before then other than the Full bred Section D's that were obviously going to be easier to sell.
But still, it's nice to know a little more history on well as having an explanation for his very strong personality!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Good old jump session

Today we had our first jumping session at home since Christmas on the twins. Jack's first ride in his new saddle and he looked absolutely fantastic!
I tried Sunny in Sparkie's bit today (hanging cheek waterford) because he has a tendancy to pick up his bit and hold it into a jump which meant I felt like I was yanking him back. Obviously the point of a waterford is that they can't grab and hold because it's collapsible so I was hoping it would allow me to not have to use so much hand to hold him into a jump and it did the job. The fact that he couldn't grab it meant that a single half halt when he locked onto the fence was enough to steady him instead of having to half halt every stride coming into the fence. I think I will be investing in one for him, we'll only be using it for jumping as he works well on the flat in his french link so I don't see the need to change that. Feel like a proper little rider with different jumping and flat bits lol.
While we were warming up Sunny did TWO right lead canters which he kept up first for a half lap and then TWO CIRCLES! I'm sure you guys understand what a big deal this is for us.
And then, he managed to jump like an actual horse up to 2'9", he made it look the easiest he ever has and was not drifting left anywhere near as much as the point that once he went right after the jump! We never go right after jumps! I was so proud!