Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Ronny meets the bit

I don't know how I forgot to write about this earlier because it's a pretty freaking big deal but apparently I did so new blog post!
Today Ron met a bit! And bridle! And Fly veil! Big day for lickle Wonkins!
He was so cute, didn't even bat an eyelid at any of it. He also had a really good groom and was super well behaved. Beth pulled his mane again (It grows so freaking quick I don't understand!) and he looks super smart.
This is a cob sized bridle (Sunny's old show bridle) so it's too big but not as big as we expected it to be :)

Back to hacking!

We went for a hack today! I haven't hacked for so long it was so nice to get back out :) It's been so long because Sunny's little sweating problem made him all antsy and he got attacked by flies constantly so hacking was just no fun for anyone.  However, he's been on his supplement for a while and he'd been sweating so much less with flatwork and jumping that we decided it was time to get him out for a hack to see how he was. When he got back he was still dry! I was so happy, it was so much better. Also he was great on the hack, there was a moment when flies were getting at him and he started playing up but basically I told him to get a grip on himself and growled a little and he chilled out pretty quickly. Then Sparkie walked past a tractor with it's engine on which was a big deal for him :) So all in all I would say it was a super successful hack!
No pictures because Beth and I both forgot our phones, safety first in team ginger!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Jumping the princess

On Thursday we played jumpies with Sparkie, using the same course we'd done with the twins the day before. He played bitless which he hasn't done for a while and he was fab. Not really much I can say about jumping Sparkie, he is so much fun to jump, such a little star.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Escape artists, trailer practice and perfect ponies

Monday the horses let themselves into one of the cow fields. So that was great. Because being charged by cows is exactly what we all need at 8am on a Monday morning. Yep.
But on the upside they all let us catch them really nicely which is good when you're in a field the size of THE WHOLE WORLD.

Then Tuesday we did some trailer loading practice with John, I took the trailer out on the roads for the fist time (with L plates and another driver who has a trailer license obviously) and managed to reverse it into it's home when we got it back into the farm and I was so impressed with myself. Looking at getting my license by the end of the year so it was nice to get it out and build up some confidence. Then John was awesome and got almost the whole way on the trailer without any silliness which was awesome :) I think a few more sessions and he'll be absolutely fine about getting on.

Yesterday was a day to play ponies yay! We went up to see John and played with some poles with him, Lottie and Beth had a ride, I was feeling lazy so me Maddie kind of just sat and watched lol. John was also feeling pretty lazy, he'd had the dentist that morning so I think he was a little bored lol but he tried hard.

Then to our yard, I wasn't giong to ride because I was still feeling lazy but I was convinced to jump Sunny and I'm so glad I did, he was perfect. I just could not fault him at all, he felt amazing, he cantered every jump and was making a much better shape over them than normal. I also learned to keep my shoulders back which made it much easier to be ready and go with him over jumps. Then Jack was perfect, I genuinely don't know what to say about him anymore, he's just an absolute star.
Then Lottie rode Jack and Beth rode Sunny and yay everyone had fun.

Then off to Maddie's yard to play with Mr Topper, we all had a play and Beth had a jump and he was in a very sprightly mood, he's so funny and adorable. Him and Maddie are the cutest.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Back to blogging

Ok folkes (my future self basically), I promised I would try to blog better, so here I am, cup of tea in a pony mug, chocolate at hand, Buffy on in the background, ready to blog.
Today Beth set up a lovely little course and Sunny and Jack did some jumping. Sunny has not jumped under saddle for a while, also I forgot to put his martingale on. However, in spite of this he was absolutely fab! And boy....that pony loves his jumping, regardless of whether we're actually any good at it or not. He was running out at one of the jumps to start with but other than that one he was pulling me into them and just all around having a marvelous time. Then to cool down he gave some pony rides so that's always his fave.

Then Jack and Beth were just absolutely perfect. Legit. Perfect.

They just work so well together and were absolutely awesome to watch. They're amazing.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

July catch up

So. July. I mean, it's definitely happened, I promise. And I did stuff, I rode ponies and stuff. I just....much of it I do not remember because I don't have photographic evidence and apparently if there are no photos I can't remember anything.
I can not be bothered to write a proper post right now so this is going to be like a photodump of some July photos, but it is also my promise to try (I cannot guarantee I will achieve but I will try) to be a better blogger and actually keep this place up to date because I really do love reading back on my blogs and to do that I have to write them in the first place.