Thursday, 31 July 2014

July catch up

So. July. I mean, it's definitely happened, I promise. And I did stuff, I rode ponies and stuff. I just....much of it I do not remember because I don't have photographic evidence and apparently if there are no photos I can't remember anything.
I can not be bothered to write a proper post right now so this is going to be like a photodump of some July photos, but it is also my promise to try (I cannot guarantee I will achieve but I will try) to be a better blogger and actually keep this place up to date because I really do love reading back on my blogs and to do that I have to write them in the first place.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Hunter trial ponies!

I have not blogged for so long. I'm not going to try and catch up fully so I'll start with the weekend and catch up on everything since then.
Saturday was finally the day! The hunter trial which was supposed to be in May which got postponed had arrived. All I can say is I want to do more. Right now. All the time. It was so much fun! We did the pre-novice pairs class and then Beth and Sparkie did the novice class. The boys were super well behaved and I could not be prouder of them! No placings but fantastic experience so who cares, hoping to get to another one in September :)

Monday we loose jumped Jack which was awesome. He's so easy to free school, he was just going around jumping the jumps of his own accord and taking a little walk break while we put it up lol. He jumped up to 1.30m with absolutely no hesitation.

Then he tried some of the electrolytes we bought for Sunny (Sunny has been super sweaty recently so vet suggested electrolytes to replace what he's losing and trying a supplement with selenium in as selenium deficiency can cause sweating) because he was a hot sweaty boy and he loved them! I've never seen a horse so excited about water. He was lapping it up like a cat it was so cute.

Tuesday Sunny and Sparkie did some loose jumping. Sunny was much easier than he's ever been loose jumping before, I mean he actually did jump the jump which is not something he's ever done before. He's not a natural jumper, his style of jumping is very amusing and it's definitely not his area of expertise but he loves it! He went up to 1.05m. Sparkie went up to 1.25m easily, he didn't particularly want to make the effort because he's perfect so why should he? But he still jumped like a pro.
I love it when he floats

Honestly looks like he's being carried over by an invisible crane

Sparkie wasn't sweaty when we was finished because he never is. Sunny however was dripping so we put some electrolytes in water for him. Unfortunately he doesn't feel the need to take them that way so he had to have them in food with his supplement ;)

Today Ron had his first session of 'work'. We did some free schooling and showed him a tiny cross pole. His reaction was perfect. Definitely put in the required effort there mate. Well done.
He had a nice little play around trotting and cantering and then we put him on a lunge for the first time. He was so cute, there was no bucking or broking, just some genuine confusion about why we wanted him to walk in circles but he did as he was told regardless. We also spent some time grooming and braiding him to get him used to standing to be messed with and he was very well behaved and looked freaking adorable.

Then Sparkie and Sunny had a lovely schooling session while being eaten alive by flies. They were very good boys. Sunny's schooling is coming along really nicely, I'd say with a little more work we'll have the trot perfected, he's so cute.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Back in the saddle

I had a break from riding since as I mentioned in my last blog I injured my back. It came to almost 2 weeks with no riding which was no fun at all but I'm back in the saddle now and everything feels fine. On Tuesday we took the twins out for a hack, Sunny was a little antsy and on his toes but considering he'd had almost 2 weeks with no riding and I asked him to go straight out onto a hack, coupled with the fact that is was quite hot and he got sweaty (which he absolutely despises) I can't really complain. They were really cute, we haven't hacked the two of them together for a while and they could not have been walking closer together if they tried.

Then Wednesday was a jumping day for everyone (except Ron...obviously). Started out with Sunny as he has the lowest jumps and he was fab, cantering into jumps and round corners and little mini courses. It was so cute. He's not got the best technique ever but you can definitely see he's improving. The main thing we need to work on now is him not getting quite so close, he does tend to get in very deep but we'll get there with that. Overall I was very pleased with him.

Then it was Jack's turn, that little horse is epic, made his way up to 1m10 without any hesitation or really any effort. He's come such a long way with his jumping this year and it's so fab to be able to watch.

Sparkie was fab, a bit of a speedy gonzalas but didn't feel out of control, just very eager lol. He's a fab pony, also went up to 1m10.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Back to bareback

Beth and I went up to the yard Tuesday evening after I finished work and as it was getting a little late and drizzling a little bit we decided we'd have a little bareback school rather than messing around with saddles. We schooled Sunny and Sparkie and they were both very good boys, I just walk and trotted Sunny as he'd he'd not been ridden for over a week and was feeling pretty lazy and also I didn't have the energy after work to be trying to get a proper canter transition out of a lazy pony so I decided it was better not to try than to try badly lol
Sparkie did the whole shebang because he doesn't do being lazy lol.

Then on Thursday we had a schooling session with Jack and Sunny, they were both really good and we popped a little jump at the end to prepare for going xc on Sunday. Unfortunately I didn't manage to ride xc because I had an injury but Beth still took Jack and I went to take some videos for her. Jack was amazing, I genuinely cannot get over how good he is at xc on his second ever time. He's a star!