Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The ulcer chronicles

This morning, after a night of being shut in a stable with no bedding, no food and a muzzle on to stop him eating his own.....uh huh, Sunny had the vet out to scope for ulcers. It was a gradual change in behavior over the last couple of years that after reading some posts right here on good old blogger, made me think could be something more. I'd had his back, teeth and saddle all checked and nothing explained it so this was just the last thing on the list which I hadn't thought about before. But it turns out Mr Monkey does in fact have some grade 1 and 2 ulcers. He was actually really good for the gastroscopy, particularly considering he had to be nil by mouth for 12 hours so was understandably in a pretty sad mood. It took quite a lot of sedation to get him sleepy enough (apparently he handles it quite well) and then he came around very quickly after but the whole procedure was relatively quick and he was over it in no time.
He's now starting a 4 week course of Peptizole (omeprazole), 10 days of antibiotics and a probiotic supplement and hopefully he'll be back to his old self soon.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Doing all the jumping!

Last week I was on annual leave, but the weather was pretty shocking for the most part so minimal riding occured. However on Friday I did actually get a schooling session in before the rain started. Not much to say really, it was a schooling session, he's good at schooling, we got right canter again so we're now 4 right canters in 4 rides, yesss!
Saturday we played jumping with Jack. Beth rode first obviously because he's her horse then she gave me a little jump lesson on him after. I am now officially in jumping boot camp, yes, come on Emma, sort your jumping out! (There are actually no photos of me jumping Jack but I promise it happened)
ETA: Appaz there are pictures of me jumping!

Then on Sunday the kids were getting ready to jump their ponies when we got there, one of their mum's was going to give them a little lesson but Beth ended up doing it while I took photos. So at the end we got to have a little play on the ponies which was super fun!

Worked a night shift Monday night so no riding occurred Monday or yesterday, then today Beth rode Sparkie so I got to have another jumping lesson yay!

And this evening we took Lottie and Mr Star out cross country schooling where he proceeded to be epic, for everyone!

So basically it has been a very fun extended weekend of jumping and I have enjoyed much!

Monday, 4 May 2015

More birthdays

Guess who's 7! This guy!
He had a birthday yesterday and of course celebrated by being super cute. We didn't do any riding because I was too busy putting up new fencing in the field. The big field has now been sectioned off into 4 smaller paddocks so we can rotate the horses around and hopefully have better grazing next winter. So Sunny just spent the day being adorable and cute and the like. May as well spend the day doing something he's good at hey?

Friday, 1 May 2015

Saddle woes

Here it is, the promised saddle post. I have been updating this whenever anything new happened so this pretty much tells the whole story.
April 1st
So my gentle readers. Turns out my 'custom fit' 'made to measure' 'perfect' saddle...doesn't fit. At all.
When I rode Sunny the other day Lottie mentioned that my saddle was moving, which a custom fit saddle should not be doing. I tried to explain it away by saying maybe it's because the girth straps are really stiff so the girth couldn't tighten as much as I would like but today we had a saddler out to look at Ron and to see if Beth could swaps Jack for one in the colour she wants. When Beth put her saddle on Jack she was immediately told that it didn't fit. Sunny's saddle was fitted by the same person so of course I got worried and asked to have mine checked.
It's far too narrow and too long. It just does not fit at all. In any way. So basically it needs to go back, and I need my money back.
So for now we will be back to riding in the old saddle (which I haven't sold yet, thank goodness) and we'll see where we go from here.

April 2nd
Beth's mum spoke to the saddler today while I was at work, she said she will adjust the saddle rather than giving a refund. I'm dubious about this because I feel the fit it too far out to be adjustable and also I'm pretty sure you can't make a saddle shorter which it would need to be.

April 3rd
This morning I spoke to a saddler who confirmed for me that it would be impossible to adjust the saddle to fit Sunny. So with this information I visited the saddler who I got the saddle from and she gave me a written agreement that she would refund my money by the end of the month. At the moment I still have the saddle stored safely in my house, by the end of the month I will return it to her and she will refund my money. Then I will meet with the new saddler and start this whole shebang again.

April 11th
Got a call from the shop today and was able to go drop the saddle off and pick up my refund! Yay, now we can start again and hopefully have better luck this time, fingers crossed for us!

May 1st
Beth got her money back also! I'm going to wait for Sunny to build his muscle back up as I mentioned in my last post them we shall have the saddler out and start the process again, hopefully with a better outcome this time! 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Birthday pony

Yesterday was Wonskins birthday! Baby pony is 3 now so it's time to start learning how to be a real pony. He got suitably pampered yesterday and then wore a human for the first time! Beth had a little bareback sit on him and he was super good, he seemed confused by the whole concept but he stood and let it happen and was a good boy.

We also rode Sunny and Jack yesterday, I schooled Sunny and then Beth did a little jumping with him then Jack had a schooling session and a jump at the end because he loves it and he's epic.

Today we took Jack out cross country schooling and he was a complete little beast and cruised his way around the whole place. They'd had a BE event on last weekend so the smallest fences out were the BE90 with only a couple of smaller ones dotted about but Jack had no issues.

 And then (and this could only happen to us) we popped into the shop and saw a saddle. Which we brought home on trial. Which happens to perfectly fit a certain little pony who is being broken in this year.
He's at that lovely stage where his head is far to big for his body...
So then obviously because baby pony had a saddle we did some lunging with him! It's a work in progress....he's very confused by the whole concept right now but I'm sure we'll get there!

(I promise the Sunny saddle post is coming soon, I'm just waiting for Beth to have her situation fixed up and then I will post it. But for now I can say that I've decided on waiting until Summer to get Sunny fitted as he's not very muscled up right now so I'd rather wait until he builds his summer muscles.)

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sunny's turn to go to a show

Big pony went out to do some in hand this morning and was such a good boy. He behaved more like the Sunny I took to shows back before he discovered friends and decided he must be near friends at all times otherwise much sadness ensues. I think I shall be taking him to some more shows alone and get him used to the idea again that you can be places and be a strong independent little pony.
I could not have faulted his behavior today, he was such a star and I had a fab day. He got to meet Lottie's dog which was very enjoyable for him and people were calling him beautiful which of course he is also willing to hear.
We came away with a 2nd and a 6th (M&M Large breeds and Open 4 year old and over) because we always need to get a purple rosette ;)

Monday, 20 April 2015

4 day weekend!

The way my shifts worked last week and this week means I was off Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today, and I rode every day!

Friday I rode Sunny, we did some jumping. He jumped really, really well but it turns out my fall cross country has really knocked my confidence when it comes to jumping him. So to be fair to both of us we're going to stick really small and mainly focus on our flatwork until I get some confidence back and am able to actually go with him over a jump instead of just sitting there and slipping my reins every time he jumps because I'm scared of coming off on the other side. We'll get there but for now we'll have fun doing stuff we're good at.

Beth also jumped Jack who was amazing and so excited to be jumping lol.

Saturday Lottie and I went up and jumped Star in preparation for Sunday and he was an absolute gent. He is such a lovely horse to jump, Lottie looks amazing on him and he's just such a fab horsey.

Sunday was show day! We did team jumping again, Beth took Sparkie and Lottie was kind enough to share Star with me. They were both super well behaved and we came out 4th and awarded best dressed (not being stuck up here but if we'd not been given that then something was seriously wrong with the world).

And then today, I went up and schooled Sunny. He was perfect. I honestly could not have asked for a better ride, we worked on halting and staying halted which is not something he's ever really keen on doing unless he's decided on it but he was really good about it today. We also did a fair few go's and backing up without any hissy fits and turning sideways. His canter transitions were pretty spectacular to the left and we even got a lovely one to the right, that's right canter two rides in a row now yes come on Sundance! To the left we had the most beautiful, incredible canter I have ever ridden and I really, really hope he replicates it next time and it one day becomes his standard canter because I literally felt as though I was floating it was so nice. I was smiling so much when I got off today it was just so nice to do something we're good at and feel progress like that.
No photos from today because I was alone but I promise he looked really adorable, we even busted out the polos for the first time at home this year (he's worn the white ones to a lesson in an indoor but I've not been willing to put them on at home in case they get muddy lol).