Wednesday, 3 February 2016

20 facts about Ron

Time to get to know the little ponany!

1) We don't know his real birthday, his passport just says 2012, so we've decided his birthday is April 28th 2012.
2) Again, unsure on actual breed but we believe he's a Welsh B
3) He's dark liver chestnut with a blaze, 3 stockings, a sock and a blue eye,
4) He's about 13hh at the minute.
5) Because he's RSPCA and we changed his name his registered name is now Ronald Weasley (RSPCA Brendon)
6) He's the smallest in the herd but likes to think he's the big boss, if you asked him he'd tell you his name is Big D. He's wrong.
7) He's very clingy with Dory, as the only girl in the group she gets his full and undivided attention. She does not enjoy this.
8) He has a love hate relationship with Freddie, they spend half their time biting each other and the other half playing.
9) He smiles. All the time. At everything. Someone gets fed, he smiles. Someone kicks him, he smiles. Life happens, he smiles. He's a very smiley pony.
10) He's not uber cuddly but does love to come say hello as soon as I go out to the field.
11) We planned to break him in last year but found he just wasn't ready yet so we'll maybe do it this year. Maybe not, we'll see how he goes.
12) He's a fab little free jumper and seems to really enjoy it.
13) He doesn't see the point of lunging, like why do they just walk around in circles because the humans tell them to? What's that about?
14) He has some pretty fancy moves, when he's trotting around the field he does some very pretty toe flicking.
15) Ideally I'd like for him to be a cute little all all rounder but whatever direction he decides to take we'll go with, it's how we roll.
16) Lottie is his absolute favourite person ever. He gives zero shits about who he belongs to legally, he's Lottie's pony.
17) He also adores the youngest of the farmers daughters, she's 7 and they're so cute together.
18) He's super playful and loves having a good old buck and fart around the field.
19) He's a really easy keeper, he's never needed to wear a rug and hasn't so far lost any weight through winters. Or at all. Fat little bugger,
20) He used to have a thing for chewing leather but (fingers crossed) seems to have outgrown that.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Prancy pony

Yesterday Lottie gave the little ones a lesson on their ponies which meant at one point I got on Freddie to have a little play. What happens when you're horse is turned away for the winter and you've hacked twice in over a month.
You play fancy pony.

Friday, 29 January 2016

20 facts about Sunny

I thought we could have a little get to know the ponies session to keep up content on this blog since there's not much riding. So lets start with me telling you 20 facts about Sundance! We'll start with the basic facts then move onto some more personal points.

1) He was born on May 3rd 2008.
2) He's a Welsh D x Welsh A
3) He's flaxen chestnut with a blaze, 2 socks and 2 stockings
4) He's 14.3hh (just)
5) His registered name is Abbeyvale Sundance
6) When he was younger he was always the bottom of the herd but as he's grown up he's moved up to the top of the herd and is now, undeniably, the alpha mare.
7) On that note, he thinks he's a mare. He's very feminine both in the way he looks and in the way he acts...he just has a lot of hormones ok?
8) He's the most food orientated horse I've ever met,
9) He's needy. Seriously, needy AF. If I give my attention to anyone else he's all 'It's my turn why is it never my turn why don't you love me you hate me!' even if it was just his turn.
10) He loves having his photo taken but doesn't always pull the most attractive faces. Generally he's a pretty photogenic pony though.
11) He's not a jumper. At all. I'm not saying he doesn't enjoy it, he decides that on the day. But it's not something he's talented at in any way.
12) He is, however, good at being fancy. His trot is my favourite.
13) His canter transitions are the thing we've been working on longer than anything else. It's the area we've struggled with the most but as of where we left off we were finally getting somewhere.
14) Lunging him is the easiest, it takes literally no effort.
15) Hacking on the other hand, not the easiest, at all.
16) He's a very sensitive soul and as a result has had ulcers in the past and is now on gastric supplements to prevent further episodes.
17) He also has issues with a selenium deficiency which causes him to sweat excessively, and I do mean excessively. He has to have a supplement with selenium in daily.
18) He's had a back injury from a bad fitting saddle in the past which means I'm uber obsessive about saddle fit.
19) He has a tendency to make people like him even when he's being a little shit. He just has something about him that people love.
20) He's a complete dork.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Hacky hack hack

As you can imagine with one pony who's turned away for the winter and one pony who's not broken in yet I'm not getting a massive amount of riding time lately. However I have been on a couple of hacks in the last couple of weeks. Last week (I think, dates I'm not great at lol) I borrowed Sparkie and went out on a hack with Beth. We had a great time, explored some of the bridle paths near her new yard and had a nice little canter.
Then on Tuesday I borrowed Freddie and hacked out with V and Dory. We ended up swapping half way through so I got to have a play with both of them which was fun. No pictures because my phone battery was low and I didn't want to use it and have my phone go dead because I was the responsible adult of the hack lol.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Play with Won!

We had some snow overnight and Ron finds this rather exciting.
Hello there boys

Ron: Snow is fun so play with me!
Freddie: No.

Ron: You play with me!

Sunny is done with your shit.