Monday, 15 September 2014

Another fab hack

After a weekend of working nights I took monkeybum on another lovely hack today. He left the yard by himself which I was impressed with (Beth went out a different way and we met her) and then when we got to the hill up the lane he trotted up by himself and up to the top farm without anyone with him which was further than we got last time :) As he was still being good we turned around and met Beth for the walk home and he was awesome, even managed to get him to stand without being antsy which was a big deal. He only turned around to go home once when we'd just set out and when I turned him back around he didn't put up a fight at all and carried on hacking like a little pro. We will bust this hacking thing again, I think once he gets this and gets over the napping it will help in other areas too and he will be happier to go out places again.

I look like a giant. That wheelbarrow and bike are miniature I promise I'm not huge.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sucessful hacking day!

Lots and lots of hacking occurred today and it was very, very fun! First, this morning, we took Sunny for a little hack on his own. His last hack alone wasn't the most successful and my plan is to build him back up slowly to the lovely little hacker he was last summer. We just went for a very short hack but he was perfectly behaved the whole time and spent a lot of the time alone (although Beth had walked out with us) because I made him trot off on his own and he was still an angel! I was soooo so proud and it definitely gives me a good basis to work on with his hacking.
Then after a pit stop home for a hearty lunch it was back up the yard to hack Jack and Sparkie. We went out to the woods and hacked for a good 4 hours and the boys were fab! Brilliant behaviour was had from both and we had a fab time, easily one of the best hacks I've ever been on, definitely want to do some more giant long hacks!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Introduction to spurs

Well I suppose that's not quite accurate, Sunny has been ridden in spurs once before for about 5 minutes. However Monday was the first time I ever rode him in spurs and only my second time riding in them myself (the first was when I wore Lottie's over my country boots to ride John last week, but hers are too big for me so they were a bit wobbly lol). I have to say, the first time I touched him with them he seemed confused as to why I would want him to go fast when we'd not even warmed up yet, but after that they really didn't bother him. They certainly didn't make him any faster (shame). What they did help with was his bending and flexing, he was working much harder to raise his poll while working round instead of just dropping his head as low as possible, he also got the idea that he didn't need to pull my hands down to work round and that sometimes contact is a good thing! We did a little work on canter transitions but mainly worked in trot.

Then today I spent the majority of the day at a study conference before popping up this evening to lunge him. As usual he was fab, he proved to Beth that he does in fact understand vocal commands for canter (She asked yesterday if he knew the verbal command, I said yes, tried to demonstrate and he made a fool of me by being all 'I'm a foal I don't know what cantering is') and did some lovely trot and canter work.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Happy hackers

Today we took Jack and Sparkie out for a nice relaxing hack around the farm. Sparkie would have preferred for it to be a very fast gallopy hack but it was a nice relaxing hack so he just had to deal with that. They were very good boys, we went up through the woods and around one of the big fields and at one point got ambushed by a flock of sheep because we were jumping the feeders so they thought we were there to feed them. Soz girls you were wrong. It was a lovely time, well done boys.
Ron and Sunny just came in to have cuddles and a groom and they were also very good boys :)

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Highs and Lows

On Sunday we took Sunny and Sparkie up to meet John and have a play in the stubble field! They all got on really well and it was really cute to see them play together. Can't say I had the best time, I was just feeling very unconfident which added to the fact that Sunny kept napping to the others just made me very nervous. We still had a couple of nice canters in the stubble field though, onwards and upwards.

Then Monday I just needed to do something I knew we were good at and wouldn't have issues with to build my confidence, we we schooled, and we stuck to trot because he trot makes me super happy. Other than lacking in impulsion he was a gent and I felt good at the end of my ride. Got off smiling which was what I needed. I bought some spurs last week at the showjumping festival which I will try out soon, I was just waiting for my straps to arrive (Where I bought the spurs only had black straps and I have brown boots so that was a no go for me) but they're here now so I'll try those next time we school just to try and get a little more impulsion there.

Then yesterday we did some jumping with everyone! I went from having no confidence at the weekend to casually popping a 90cm spread with Sunny. It's very close to our highest ever and the highest we've done in months (5 months to be specific) and probably the widest spread we've done. Now he's still not the most talented jumper but he was definitely making a much better shape over the jumps yesterday even when they got over 70cm which is normally where he starts to get a little flaily. And of course he was having the time of his life, pulling me around some serious tight turns and casually throwing a walk to canter in there if I wouldn't let him go when he wanted to. He felt so confident that is was hard not to be confident on him.
I know it's blurry but we look like the happiest little pair ever!

How beautiful is this canter?!

Then after lunch we played with Sparkie and Jack. We all jumped Sparkie and he was amazing, he's honestly such a super pony and he really builds my confidence so much when I jump him. And to top it all off he helped me achieve one of my lifetime goals. We jumped 1m! I didn't expect that to happen this year but I didn't know I was doing it, Beth just put the jump up and I jumped it and then she told me how big it was. What an epic little pony!

Cannot jump in my country boots oops.

And then Beth and Lottie rode Jack who was beyond amazing! Casually popped 1.20m like it was a 70cm cross and had the time of his life. He genuinely is the most incredible little horse and it's been such a privilege to watch him and Beth progress this year, big things ahead for that big pony!

And then we went to visit Mr John! We schooled him (and I wore spurs for the first time ever go me) and he was fabby! He's getting so stretchy and really working his neck. It's so nice watching him progress, he's also very very cute.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Lots of schooling and a little bit of cross country.

So I mean. I tried. I tried to blog better, in fairness it's only been just over a week so I'm not that awful, but I've ridden a few times.
Sunny has done quite a lot of schooling, we have been working on his canter transitions which he worked really hard at. Bending has been quite unsuccessful but we will get that back, I know he can bend right, I just need to work on it and get it back to his bending. I need to chill out a bit because I've been too tense with schooling lately.
We've even dressed up all fancy in white polos which made him and Jack look super snazzy.

On Sunday Jack and Sunny went cross country and they were fandabbydosey! Sunny even led Jack into the water and he hates water so that was adorable. He was so excited about jumping and was so much fun to ride. Jack was amazing and jumped everything he was pointed at because he's perf.
On Monday I went to visit Rhean and Wizard and had a little play. For such a big horse he's such a cuddler, he's moved yards (to where we went xc schooling incidentally) and he's super happy at his new house :)

On Wednesday a friend from work brought her little girls to come play with Sunny and have pony rides and then yesterday Beth and I had Kayleigh for the day and she played with the ponies and had pony rides on Sparkie which she loved.


And tomorrow Sparkie and Sunny are going to meet John because we are taking them up to his yard to play in the stubble field with him and Tilly! (I think Tilly, possibly Theo, we shall know soon) So hopefully I shall get some cute photos of that and blog again tomorrow!