Monday, 20 April 2015

4 day weekend!

The way my shifts worked last week and this week means I was off Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today, and I rode every day!

Friday I rode Sunny, we did some jumping. He jumped really, really well but it turns out my fall cross country has really knocked my confidence when it comes to jumping him. So to be fair to both of us we're going to stick really small and mainly focus on our flatwork until I get some confidence back and am able to actually go with him over a jump instead of just sitting there and slipping my reins every time he jumps because I'm scared of coming off on the other side. We'll get there but for now we'll have fun doing stuff we're good at.

Beth also jumped Jack who was amazing and so excited to be jumping lol.

Saturday Lottie and I went up and jumped Star in preparation for Sunday and he was an absolute gent. He is such a lovely horse to jump, Lottie looks amazing on him and he's just such a fab horsey.

Sunday was show day! We did team jumping again, Beth took Sparkie and Lottie was kind enough to share Star with me. They were both super well behaved and we came out 4th and awarded best dressed (not being stuck up here but if we'd not been given that then something was seriously wrong with the world).

And then today, I went up and schooled Sunny. He was perfect. I honestly could not have asked for a better ride, we worked on halting and staying halted which is not something he's ever really keen on doing unless he's decided on it but he was really good about it today. We also did a fair few go's and backing up without any hissy fits and turning sideways. His canter transitions were pretty spectacular to the left and we even got a lovely one to the right, that's right canter two rides in a row now yes come on Sundance! To the left we had the most beautiful, incredible canter I have ever ridden and I really, really hope he replicates it next time and it one day becomes his standard canter because I literally felt as though I was floating it was so nice. I was smiling so much when I got off today it was just so nice to do something we're good at and feel progress like that.
No photos from today because I was alone but I promise he looked really adorable, we even busted out the polos for the first time at home this year (he's worn the white ones to a lesson in an indoor but I've not been willing to put them on at home in case they get muddy lol).

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Ron went a place!

Today little Ronski went out to a show!
He actually got on the trailer really quickly, resisted at first but didn't argue to long before he strolled right on. He traveled really well there and home and was no problems. Pretty sure he'll be loading like a pro in no time.
Our plan was to do the in hand youngstock but we got there at 09:50 and the class was supposed to start at 10 so I booked him into the Mountain and Moorland small breeds instead. It turns out due a a loose pony the classes were running late and we could have entered the original class anyway but never mind. He was a good boy in his class, wasn't too keen on the standing still bits but he trotted up super fancy and came 4th :) Unfortunately we couldn't bath him before hand because it was pretty windy and not so warm on Sunday so we just had to do what we could with him but luckily it has been dry so he wasn't muddy, just a little dusty.

Sparkie came along too to be his friend in the trailer and had a good day just grazing. Lottie brought her dog Alfie too who also had the best time.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Much overdue schooling

(Saddle post is coming, but not until the whole situation is rectified, but I promise it's coming.)

It's been a very long time since I schooled Sunny, riding in general has been pretty limited of late but I genuinely don't remember the last time we had a good old schooling session.
However, the light nights are here now so this should all improve and yesterday I had a nice ride in the evening yay!
He was a gem, we worked a lot on right lead canter to no avail but we had some absolutely beautiful left canter, backing without having a paddy, fab transitions through all gaits and just general loveliness. Lottie also had a little ride and he was great for her too. Really hoping the weather will continue on the up so I can ride more.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

New Saddle!

It's here! It's here! New saddle has arrived!
There is a name plate waiting to go on but she didn't put that on before because we needed to make sure it fit him right first but when it goes in for re-stuffing (she said the stuffing will bed down within the first few months so she re-stuffs it free) it will be added on so I will get a picture when that's on but for now it is just a lovely nice new saddle!
We went for a little walk/trot hack up the lane to try it out and I intend to have a good full ride tomorrow but it fits us both really nicely and is so comfortable, I'm very excited to finally have an adult sized saddle for my very adult sized legs :)

Got stirrup covers to stop them scratching the saddle bcuz obsessive.
No photos of it on him or riding in it yet but I promise those will come soon.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Spring, cross country and head injuries

We went out for our first cross country schooling of the year on Saturday, all three of us! It was so nice to have Lottie be able to bring a pony along too (John doesn't want to be friends with the trailer just yet) because we haven't gone out and all taken a pony since my first cross country in 2013. We took Sunny, Sparkie and Star, all the S's.
Sunny and I made it to the 4th fence (jumping each one a few times so we'd jumped about 12 times) before I came off, landed on my head and my day of jumping was over because my forehead was swollen and I couldn't put my helmet back on. But we walked around the rest of the course while Beth and Lottie jumped and they had a fab time, then at the end Sunny and I jumped a ditch (me on foot lol) which was super cute. This was minutes before he was grazing next to a jump and lifted his head and ripped the ear almost clean off his fly veil. Pretty concerning that it ripped it so easily, imagine if that had been his actual ear!
So all in all first XC of the year could have gone better but up until I came off (after a fence, not before or onto which is progress lol) he was jumping the most confidently he ever has XC and was actually cantering all the fences so I'm excited to go again soon.
And in other, very exciting, news, the saddler is bringing our new saddle out on Friday evening! Expect masses of saddle spam, be ready for it, I'm not even a little bit sorry.


Friday, 13 March 2015

Four Years

Today is the day we celebrate 4 years of Sunny and I being a team. I'm sure I'm supposed to say I wouldn't change a minute of it but that would be a lie. Of course there are things I would change, I'm sure there is nobody out there that can say in 4 years with their horse there is not one moment that they would rather not think about, one decision they wish they'd made differently, but the things we have done are done, we can't change them, we just have to look at the results of them and hope we are happy with what we have. And while I'm not going to pretend working with Sunny is always sunshine (see what I did there) and rainbows, it is worth is, because little ginger is my best friend and I wouldn't want to give him up for anything in this world.
So happy 4 years Monkey, here's to many, many more.
Spent the afternoon having a thorough groom and doing some carrot stretches since it rained all morning.

Duck lip poses. 

From our ride on Wednesday, Mr didn't have much energy but we did manage some lovely work.


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Full spa day

Firstly let me just apologise for any rediculous typos in this post, my laptop is brokem so I'm posting from my tabet.
Tasha (the physio) came out to see Sunny, Jack and Sparkie on Wednesday so we made a whole day of it. Its Beth's birthday next month so getting massages for the boys was my present to her. Sunny went first and was a little star the whole way through, he actually seemed really excited to see her (pocket full of trearts). Jack and Sparkie then had their turns (with a lunch break for the humans in between) and were very good  boys. Ron looked a little put out that he didn't get a turn so I promised him he will get a turn when he starts wearing a saddle and carrying a rider.

In other news, Lottie has a pony on loan to be friends with John! His name is Star and he lives up to it, we're very excited to go out and play lots over spring with him while John discovers the joys of jumping and makes friends with the trailer. I can't get my tablet to add photos so yoyou'll get those when I have my laptop back.

ETA: Using parents computer, here is Star!