Sunday, 18 January 2015

Productive day

The weather actually co-operated on my day off and we ended up having a very productive, fun filled day.
Sparkie had a turn first, Beth rode him in his headcollar in the little paddock and he had a marvelous time, he really does enjoy being ridden. He popped a little jump and just had a fab time.

Then Sunny had a schooling session and was a gent. He was a little wobbly and the ground was pretty squishy but over all I could not have asked for more for his first schooling session in forever. His mind was clearly on the job the whole time and I was very proud of him.

And finally Jack got schooled. He was also really good and worked hard on stretching and relaxing in trot, Beth did some no stirrup work because she's a better person than I am and they looked fab.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Physio follow up

Sunny made friends with the physio! I mean she may not be his favourite person ever in the world but he didn't try to run away from her today which is a definite improvement on last time! We've been trying to have this appointment for 2 weeks but kept having to reschedule because of the weather but we finally got it done today and Sunny was a star! After his strong feelings about the physio last time I shoved a lunge rope on him thinking at least if he played up I could keep control a little more easily with that but he was great. He basically just grazed around the little paddock while we followed him and he had his massage. No problemo, all sorted! So happy he got over himself, maybe one day he'll actually start to enjoy his massages and stand and go to sleep to save our legs the walking lol.
His opinion on her pocket full of treats.

Don't remember buying a Shetland but ok.

See we can have massages and everything will be ok!

Sunday, 11 January 2015

1 year of Ron!

Today marks 1 year since little Ronald actually became little Ronald! Before this day last year he was Brendon, the little RSPCA pony who didn't know that humans were actually there to cater to your every whim and therefore was very nervous of them.
So today, to celebrate the Ronniverssary of Ron being Ron, we played free schooling! He had a fab time being fancy and showing more appropriate reactions to tiny jumps ;)

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Pamper day

Sunny and I were supposed to have a lesson today but we've had a fair bit of wet weather lately so the ground in the field wasn't the best and I didn't want to churn it up so we've rearranged for next month and I'm going to take Sunny to her so we can ride in a school.
So instead today we had a nice little snuggle session. I brought him in for his food and gave him a good groom (as good as I can do in winter, those socks and that tail will be having a good wash come spring!).
Before - Looking like a s scruffy infant.

After - I did what I could with what I had. Loving those dapples.
 Tried on a spare bridle to use while I'm waiting on his micklem (We've been using one of Beth's but she's selling it so I knew that was only short term) and it made him look like an infant again.

We then did some carrot stretches but with treats instead because we're out of carrots ;) After that we just had a good ear scratch before I turned him out. Ron also had some head scratches once Sunny was turned out and he very much enjoyed that.
Shorty loving head scratches
 Sunny has the physio again for follow up tomorrow so hopefully he'll decide he likes her this time (I am going carrot shopping in the morning ;) ).

Sunday, 4 January 2015

First show of the year

We had our first outing of 2015 today and it was super fun!
The twins went out arena eventing and had a pretty fab day. They both loaded pretty quickly and then waited on the trailer for quite a while when we got there because the event was running very behind due to icy conditions (My ride time was 9:30am and I ended up riding at 11am so yeah pretty behind).
Sunny warmed up beautifully then jumped pretty well. And while I can't say his behavior was perfect he was definitely a lot more focused on his job than any other time I've taken him out jumping at a show. Getting him working properly and really thinking about what he's doing meant that when he had a nappy episode it was much easier for me to push him on and he got over it much more quickly.
I'm not going to say episodes didn't happen, but they were dealt with swiftly. He actually cantered into well over half of the jumps which he's never done before and he was even starting to string some jumps together which was really lovely.
Jack jumped beautifully around the course like a little star, came 3rd and qualified for the championships in the summer :)

Pretty little dressage pony.

Cool mate, but stop yeah?
That's better.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Here we go again!

So this time last year I said, and I quote;
"Dear 2014
You have a lot to live up to. 
Team Ginger"

Well. It did. I cannot explain how much fun I had this year and can't wait to see what 2015 can do to top that! So to start off the year right, here's my 2014 goal round up and my 2015 goals.
 2014 Goals
Jump Sunny bareback - Achieved in February and a few times since then.
Take Sunny to the beach - Didn't manage this one, we just never found the time!
Develop Sunny's canter - We first got a consistent canter in may and have continued to work on it, out actual canter now is pretty beautiful we just need to work on right lead transition.
Gallop Sunny in a big open field - Nailed it in January on a hack with Jack and a fair few times after that both with others and alone.
Jump Sunny 2'9" - We did this and more in March, our highest to date is just over 3' (95cm)
Get Sunny to calm down when jumping - We no longer completely freak out after every successful jump since February, our approach is also getting much better.
Take Sunny on a fun ride - This is another one that time just never allowed for.
Get Ron to be easier to catch - Little dude accepted being caught when we wanted him to be in May and now loves being brought in for cuddles.
Teach Ron to tolerate having his feet picked up - Since May both Beth and I can pick up his feet with no problems and he's much better for the farrier now. 

So all in all a pretty successful year I think, just a couple of things we didn't get time for that I'm going to carry over.
2015 Goals
Take Sunny to the beach - Carrying this one over.
Take Sunny on a fun ride - Another carry over.
Perfect Sunny's trot to canter transitions - I want a transition on either rein whenever I ask for it.
Have Sunny working consistently round - In all gaits, whenever and wherever I ask.
Start schooling walk to canter with Sunny - I'm not expecting these to be anywhere near perfect but if we can just have a solid effort by the end of the year.
Get Sunny a custom saddle - My tush deserves this ok. 
Teach Ron to lunge - Ideally I would like him to lunge as well as Sunny but anywhere close will do.
Start Ron under saddle - Aiming for a solid go and woah and some work at walk, trot and canter. 
Get Ron familiar with the trailer - We haven't had him on the trailer since we fetched him home so I'd like to get a clear idea of how he feels about it and start any work that's needed. 
Take Ron on an outing - It doesn't have to be ridden, I'd just like to take him somewhere on the trailer to get him used to it. 
Take Ron on a hack - Don't mind which one of us rides him, and I don't mind even if it's only for 5 minutes. 

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 Favourites

Micklem Mutibridle
Price: £120
Why it made the list: It made such a massive difference to how Sunny acted with his bridle, he was so much more willing to have it put on and didn’t rub his face on everything once it was on.
Any negative points: None, I genuinely love it. (The fact that I currently can't use it because Mr Sundance broke it is pretty sad though)

HyImpact Brushing Boots
Price: They were a present from Beth but I believe they are around £15 a pair (she bought me a set of 4)
Why it made the list: They’re a gorgeous colour, easy to put on and take off and clean up really nicely between rides.
Any negative points: I mean if the strike pads and velcro could be purple instead of black that would be ace. 

Ariat Bromont Insulated Field Boots
Price: Normally £275 but I got mine for I think £180 on sale. STEAL!
Why it made the list: Well they’re beautiful. Also super comfy.
Any negative points: No. I love them. They are perf. 

Racesafe RS2010 in xc colours
Price: I believe it came up at just under £150
Why it made the list: Because it looks amazing.
Any negative points: I am slightly between lengths so it is a smidgen long which is not often a problem but it sometimes catches on my saddle if I sit too far back. 

Ariat Performer Knee Patch Breeches
Price: £40
Why it made the list: They actually come in a size 6 long. This never happens so this was a big deal for me. If your legs are too long for your weight I totally feel ya, Ariat is your friend! They are super comfy and look really nice and I have a love of sock bottom breeches.
Any negative points: Haven’t had them long but so far I haven’t had any issues. 

Roeckl Chester Gloves
Price: £26
Why it made the list: These gloves feel like they were custom made for my hands. I have seriously never worn such comfortable gloves.
Any negative points: That they don’t come in purple?

Equiport belt
Price: £30
Why it made the list: Super nice leather and its purple and lilac so it’s perfect and looks awesome with my xc colours.
Any negative points: They don’t really make them small enough for me so I had to add extra holes but that’s not a big deal. 

Effax Leather Cream Soap
Price: £8
Why it made the list: It smells really good, cleans my tack up nicely and the squeezy no spill bottle makes it super easy to use.
Any negative points: Nope