Sunday, 19 October 2014

Stubble field fun and jumping galore

On Wednesday Lottie had an inset day so obviously it became a ginger play day! We went up to see My Smith first and took him out to play in the stubble field. He is such a little gent it's adorable. Even after Lottie had galloped him through the field I got on and he was so chilled he didn't even want to go up to trot. I did eventually get him into a canter and it was so steady bless him. He and Sunny appear to have the same feelings about galloping (it's very fun yes but lets make sure we stop before this gets out of hand) which is very cute.

Then we went up to ours and played jumping with Sunny. Beth set him up a jump with 3 poles set slightly wider at one end so it was like his first little fan jump. He was actually really good with it, pulling me into it and actually stretching over it bless him. We set the wider end at the left to try and discourage the left drifting but he actually just jumped the wider bit so I think we need to go a little wider on that next time lol. We also did his first ever skinny which I'm not going to lie scared me quite a bit. And we worked with the poles leading into the jump which he was not so keen on. He tested me somewhat there but I just sat quiet and let him get over himself then managed to get him over it a couple of times nicely (he'd already done it twice before he decided it was a horrible exercise) and left that at that.

My little flying potato
Then it absolutely tipped it down so we called it a day on riding and just gave everyone their tea before going home (after a magical mystery ride to drop Lottie off at her boyfriend's because of a road blockage and then a visit to check on Beth's dad's cat because dad was away for work).

But Saturday we went to play cross country! Beth took Jack and Lottie and I both had a turn on Sparkie. The boys were fab, Sparkie is a real joy to ride cross country, particularly as I'm used to riding Sunny (never know if he's going to absolutely amaze me over a jump or drag me to it then decide he's not so sure) and I was able to canter through water for the first time in my life which was sooooo much fun! I'm so determined to do this on Sunny one day even though I have no idea if I will ever be able to, but it's worth trying right?
Jack is a machine. He jumped everything so well and even beasted one of the biggest jumps there, which was pretty freaking massive! I just can't get over how much heart that horse has.
(Photos of me from this day make me want to punch myself in the face, just for the record. For goodness sake Emma learn to jump.)

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

In which we learn stuff

We had a lesson! Sunny was a very good boy and worked super hard and I was very proud of him. I started learning how to actually ask him to give me the level of roundness he has started offering on his own so there's plenty to practice with there. We also worked on getting him moving forward more so transitions were easier for him which meant we were actually able to achieve a walk to canter which is something I have never done before (Beth has had a couple from him a while ago) so that was exciting! Lots to be going on with until I organise another one.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Trotting is our fave

I am just going to start this post out with three photos to make a point...

And that point it consistency. No, I'm not saying he moves like this 100% of the time now, but I'm saying that each one of us was able to get this work out of him without much effort, which means he really is learning that it is much more comfortable to carry a human around on your back when this is how you hold yourself. I was honestly so proud of Sunny on Saturday, we had the best schooling session I've ever had from him. All three of us rode him and his attitude never changed. 10 minutes into our ride we had 15 minutes of torrential rain and his attitude never changed. The other boys got into his line of sight and his attitude never changed. The pony from the little paddock had been turned out into the big one half an hour before and his attitude never changed. He had a perfect attitude for the whole ride. He was willing, he was engaged, he was eager and he was working his butt off. We worked on trot and canter poles which I will admit we have not done for far too long and he was absolutely foot perfect. His behavior and effort were absolutely perfect and I cannot fault a single moment of that ride.
This is all very encouraging because I have a lesson today and I have not had a lesson for over 2 years so to be honest I'm pretty terrified. So, please wish me luck!

Then yesterday we did some schooling and poles with Jack and he was also very good and worked super hard and also looked very pretty!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Getting centered

On Tuesday and Wednesday Beth and I saw Rhean and played ponies! On Tuesday we went up to see Wizard, watched Rhean jump him and then both had a little go on him to cool him down. Then we gave him a bath and went to feed ours before heading home as Beth had work.

Then Wednesday we played jumping with Sunny and Sparkie. Rhean set up a little exercise with Sunny to try and get him to come into jumps more central as he tends to drift left (I have no idea why, right is his good rein surely he should be drifting right?) and he was definitely less drifty towards the end, even if he did completely decimate the jump most of the time before he got there. Sparkie was just jumping fab as he always does. Unfortunately no photos because we left the camera's in the tack room and Rhean's phone wouldn't let her take any photos so that's pretty sad because at one point Beth said Sunny had just jumped the nicest he'd ever jumped. Oh well, next time we jump there will be photos I promise.
Then Jack got clipped! He now has a full clip with just head and legs left on and he looks super smart and grown up!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Going it alone.

Drum roll please. Today I took Mr Sundance on a hack. On his own. No horsey friends. No Beth. Just me and him.
And nobody died.
I'm sure Sunny was super shocked by this but it's true, he was able to go for a hack without another horse or a walker and he survived it just fine. Who knew that could happen?!
We had 2 moments where he felt we should return home forthwith and I felt we should continue on our quest. We debated this in a gentlemanly fashion for a few minutes, him turning to face home, me turning him to face onwards. Both times he soon came around to my way of thinking and we were able to continue our mission. And....we actually enjoyed ourselves! So props to Mr Orange for a nice time.
The orange fly veil aka Super brave warrior pony hat.

Then I pessoa'd Sparketa, who wished us all to know that he's fancy don't you know and ready to carry on with his eventing season ok? Ok Sparkie, you keep doing yo thang you sexy princess.I mean, he wished to stop going left and go right but I wouldn't let him so I'm pretty sure he spent the rest of the session plotting my demise, but I can cope with that fact.