Thursday, 25 September 2014

Going it alone.

Drum roll please. Today I took Mr Sundance on a hack. On his own. No horsey friends. No Beth. Just me and him.
And nobody died.
I'm sure Sunny was super shocked by this but it's true, he was able to go for a hack without another horse or a walker and he survived it just fine. Who knew that could happen?!
We had 2 moments where he felt we should return home forthwith and I felt we should continue on our quest. We debated this in a gentlemanly fashion for a few minutes, him turning to face home, me turning him to face onwards. Both times he soon came around to my way of thinking and we were able to continue our mission. And....we actually enjoyed ourselves! So props to Mr Orange for a nice time.
The orange fly veil aka Super brave warrior pony hat.

Then I pessoa'd Sparketa, who wished us all to know that he's fancy don't you know and ready to carry on with his eventing season ok? Ok Sparkie, you keep doing yo thang you sexy princess.I mean, he wished to stop going left and go right but I wouldn't let him so I'm pretty sure he spent the rest of the session plotting my demise, but I can cope with that fact.

Happy Autumn!

Autumn is here, which means soon the flies will leave us for a while and I will not have to be eaten every time I ride! Autumn is my favourite season so this makes me happy. I am ignoring the thought of winter for now, because while I cannot wait to buy Christmas presents, I can definitely wait for the super cold, wet weather. But autumn I like.
Beth and I have decided we are going to do our best to ensure that the boys (not including Ron, he gets to just be a baby) get pessoad at least once, preferably twice a month. So yesterday before I had a nap in preparation for my night shift, we pessoad the twins! They were both fab and worked really hard, not much more to say about that really. I'm planning to pessoa Sparks tomorrow.
Not gonna lie, how good my hair looks was a major reason for including this photo.
Then today we had a very busy day of jumping! All 3 of the big boys got to jump while Ron observed and hopefully learned some lessons for the future lol.The boys were all very good and did some fab work. We really do have some perfect ponies :)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

It's the best hack ever!

^^^You have to sing the title like when Spongebob Squarepants sings 'It's the best day ever' (I feel no shame that I just typed that).
Today was literally the best hack of my life. Now that's saying something because I've had some pretty amazing hacks but this was just incredible.
Ok so after taking the trailer up to play with John this morning, during which he was awesome and got on, walked through and got off the trailer at least 5 times!!!!!, we came to ours and took Sparkie and the twins for a hack!
Not going to lie, as his first hack with friends again after 2 brill alone hacks I fully expected Sunny to be all 'Ahhhhh I have friends I must be as close as possible to them and if you make me take any steps away my brain will explode and I will melt'. But the three of us had never hacked together before and I really wanted to so I decided if that happened I was just going to have to deal with it because we were going for this hack.
Turns out Sunny does not need friends. They all set off together, within a minute he had strolled off in front like 'I got this guys, pro hacker over here just follow me' and I could no longer be involved in any of Beth and Lottie's conversation because I was too far away (nice active walk, can we have this while schooling please thanks Sundance?). He had a little iffy moment when we got to the top of the hill and I tried to turn him into the field. But only a tiny one, he just turned around and faced home like 'I done now' but Sparkie and Jack just ignored him and walked past into the field so he decided he actually wasn't done and was quite happy to continue when I turned him around and pushed him on. Then from then on it was basically all perfect. All the boys walked over a giant hose (they were fertilising the field) without question and were angels walking through the field and the little woods. Then I got off to do a gate and Jack and Sunny behaved perfectly while Beth held him for me and he stood perfectly still for me to remount.
Then we were in our stubble field! This was the whole point of the hack, to play in a stubble field and have lots of fun! They were all still super calm, had a little trot (The twins anyway, Sparkie didn't need to do that) then we played cantering! When we first lined them up and asked them to canter they all broke into the most controlled, collected canter ever, I have no idea how they were managing to match each others stride but they just stayed next to each other it was adorable! Then we pushed them on and took them for more of a run a couple of times which was super fun. I was even able to walk Sunny away from the other two (in the direction of home so I wouldn't have been surprised if he'd decided he was done with my crap and was going home) and give him a gallop on his own without a single nap! Beth did the same with Jack and he was super awesome, we just had such a fab time :)
Then Sunny led the whole way home! I was so proud of how much he led today because he has always preferred to be a follower on hacks but he was seriously taking charge today. It was so cute, I am so incredibly proud of him today, this was exactly what I had in mind when I bought a pony, going on amazing hacks with amazing friends!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Super productive day!

We had a fabby dabby super productive day on Wednesday! To start off with we organised all the boys rugs so we know what we have for the winter and what needs buying, then we got them all neatened up and put into storage bags so they could be in the tack room nice and neatly. Then while Beth clipped Sparkiepony I had a big tack room clean up. And when I say big...I swept the walls and windows. I actually had a great time doing it and it was definitely worth it, there is still an area at the back with yard owners stuff in that needs clearing out but other than that it looks super organised and neat :)
And when I was done Sparkie was looking amazing so that's always good. He's all ready for the change of the season now, 1 down - 3 to go (Jack, Sunny and John, not Ron don't worry, he gets to stay hairy like a big hairy baby for this winter).
Then after some lunch (because by this point it was well past our normal lunch time!) It was time to play with Sunny. Beth suggested letting him do something he enjoys as a reward for 2 good hacks so we decided on jumping. He was a little odd at first, he chose which jump he liked and basically rejeted the others but the one he liked he was jumping amazingly so we just stuck with using that one. He jumped really nicely for me, his canter into fences is getting so good, he definitely has the impulsion but he sits back and really thinks about what he's doing instead of just bombing half arsed at the jump like he used to, makes it much easier for me to ride him to the fence!
Then Beth hag a go at doing some jumping with him and as she was trotting him around he did the most incredible work I've ever seen from him. He was so round it was beautiful and he was practically floating! It was so beautiful, I hope it's something he's going to keep up because I loved seeing it!
Who needs to actually touch the ground when they trot?

Seeking out his fence like a heat seeking missile.

His boot strap came undone...oops.

He's getting so much better at making the correct shape over a fence!

idsfkujhgdjfg beautiful.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Another fab hack

After a weekend of working nights I took monkeybum on another lovely hack today. He left the yard by himself which I was impressed with (Beth went out a different way and we met her) and then when we got to the hill up the lane he trotted up by himself and up to the top farm without anyone with him which was further than we got last time :) As he was still being good we turned around and met Beth for the walk home and he was awesome, even managed to get him to stand without being antsy which was a big deal. He only turned around to go home once when we'd just set out and when I turned him back around he didn't put up a fight at all and carried on hacking like a little pro. We will bust this hacking thing again, I think once he gets this and gets over the napping it will help in other areas too and he will be happier to go out places again.

I look like a giant. That wheelbarrow and bike are miniature I promise I'm not huge.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sucessful hacking day!

Lots and lots of hacking occurred today and it was very, very fun! First, this morning, we took Sunny for a little hack on his own. His last hack alone wasn't the most successful and my plan is to build him back up slowly to the lovely little hacker he was last summer. We just went for a very short hack but he was perfectly behaved the whole time and spent a lot of the time alone (although Beth had walked out with us) because I made him trot off on his own and he was still an angel! I was soooo so proud and it definitely gives me a good basis to work on with his hacking.
Then after a pit stop home for a hearty lunch it was back up the yard to hack Jack and Sparkie. We went out to the woods and hacked for a good 4 hours and the boys were fab! Brilliant behaviour was had from both and we had a fab time, easily one of the best hacks I've ever been on, definitely want to do some more giant long hacks!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Introduction to spurs

Well I suppose that's not quite accurate, Sunny has been ridden in spurs once before for about 5 minutes. However Monday was the first time I ever rode him in spurs and only my second time riding in them myself (the first was when I wore Lottie's over my country boots to ride John last week, but hers are too big for me so they were a bit wobbly lol). I have to say, the first time I touched him with them he seemed confused as to why I would want him to go fast when we'd not even warmed up yet, but after that they really didn't bother him. They certainly didn't make him any faster (shame). What they did help with was his bending and flexing, he was working much harder to raise his poll while working round instead of just dropping his head as low as possible, he also got the idea that he didn't need to pull my hands down to work round and that sometimes contact is a good thing! We did a little work on canter transitions but mainly worked in trot.

Then today I spent the majority of the day at a study conference before popping up this evening to lunge him. As usual he was fab, he proved to Beth that he does in fact understand vocal commands for canter (She asked yesterday if he knew the verbal command, I said yes, tried to demonstrate and he made a fool of me by being all 'I'm a foal I don't know what cantering is') and did some lovely trot and canter work.