Thursday, 17 April 2014

Show time Bath time

The S'bombs went to another show last weekend, both boys came away with a first place rosette which was amazing and they both jumped beautifully. I've decided not to do any more shows with Sunny for a while as he seemed to get stressed as the day went on and it impacted his behavior which is not what shows should be about, they should be a fun experience for him so if he's not having fun we're going to call it a day. I didn't buy him to show it was just something fun for us to do while we both enjoyed it, we can have much more fun at home where nobody is getting stressied :)

Then I worked nights Monday and Tuesday so no riding occured, but yesterday Beth and I took Sparkie and Jack for a hack (I was going to take Sunny but I was saddleless unfortunately, it was being borrowed, so I got to play with Sparkie). When we got back we decided since it was warm and Ron was looking a little scruffy we'd give him his first bath. Definitely his first with us and I get the feeling possibly his first ever.
He was not a fan. Not at all. We'll work on that. But it was really cute. We put Lysie's fleece on him while he dried off and he looked so adorable, it's also the first time he's ever worn a rug. He's such a cutie.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Lots of happenings have happened

Since my last blog we've been a little busy.
There's been schooling...

There's been learning that doubles won't kill us...

 There's been going to shows and coming out with first (Sparkie, 2'6") and third (Sunny, 2'3")...

And there's been hacking and practicing the most polite cross country canter ever...
(Also please note my amazing new purple body protector please. Thank you)

And after all that, Ron really needed a nap.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Well that was interesting

Sunny and Sparkie went out again on saturday, to the farm ride at an equestrian place near us (Farm ride is 7 miles through woods and country side with jumps and water complexes and plenty of space for a good gallop).

Sunny's Report Card (On a scale of Awful/Must Do Better/Average/Good/Excellent)
Jumping Effort - Good
Jumping Confidence - Excellent
Breaks - Excellent
Behavior - Must Do Better

Basically that's how it went down. Sparkie got excellents all around. He was amazing. He just hunter trialed his way around like a little pro, it was so fun to watch, he was clearly having the time of his life.
Once Sunny got over himself and realised he had to do as he was told he was great, Lottie and Beth (Both of whom have been with us every time we've done xc) commented that it was the best and most confident they'd ever seen him jump cross country. It definitely was, I just need to work on teaching him to get over himself a little bit quicker. But it was a good day, we had some amazing gallops and it was just a really fun day :)

Monday, 24 March 2014

Success baby!

Today was farrier day for Potter and his ginger mate. (That would be Sunny and Ron).
I caught Ron. On my own. In only 5 minutes. YEAH BABY!
Then he was good for the farrier and my farrier was saying that he's a good kid and he just needs some TLC and persistance and he'll be great to have his feet done. Yay!
Sunny was a star. As always. I don't know why I even bother holding him when he's having his feet done, he's perfect :)

Seven Deadly Equestrian Sins

I promise I have ridden since we went cross country, schooled once and hacked once, no major developments, Sunny keeps working hard and all the boys are being good kids :)

The post I'm going to do today was originally a blog hop created by Viva Carlos but I didn't get there in time to do it before the hop closed so I'm just going to do it at like a tag video. Because I can. And you can't stop me. Beth please do this too thanks!

Seven great things/strengths in your riding life
1 - My ponies
2 - Beth
3 - Rhean
4 -  My horsey friends
5 - Amazing yard owner
6 - A job that pays enough to let me support the ponies
7 - Epic parents who bought me my first pony :)

Seven things you lack or covet for you or your horse

1 - Custom Harry Dabbs saddle (for Sunny, Jack and Ron if I can dream, Sparks has one)
2 - Purple and Lilac body protector
3 - Cross country colours
4 - The towbar I bought to be put on my car
5 - A house with land so the horses could live in the garden
6 - A 4 horse box with living space
7 - An animo jacket (and the talent I should have before buying one)

Seven things that make you angry

1 - Knowing I'm doing something wrong but not knowing how to fix it
2 - My lower leg over jumps
3 -Rude horses (I don't mind cheeky, but when people just plain have not taught their horse any
4 - People who belittle other riders ("Oh it's only a small jump" I'm sorry but for other people it may be a really big jump!)
5 -People who tell you what to do with your horse without being asked
6 - When Sunny had that issue with loading...made me want to kill someone.
7 - People who assume a horse is being wasted because it's not competing
Seven things you neglect to do or cut corners on

1 - Cleaning my tack/boots/helmet
2 - Washing saddle pads
3 -Sweeping the yard
4 - Poo picking (they're in a really big field and it gets rolled/chain harrowed. Also they graze with sheep which helps with worms)
5 -Paying my livery on time (I always pay it, just usually late, my yard owner never asks for it and with shifts I often don't know what day it is lol)
6 - Cleaning out the trailer
7 - 

Seven most expensive things you own for your horse/riding

1 -Sunny (£2000 purchase cost...seriously)
2 -My trailer (purchase (£180) cost plus fixing up (abour £500))
3 -Ariat boots (£190 on sale baby!)
4 -Micklem Multi-Bridle (£108)
5 -Charles Owen GR8 (£99.99)
6 - Racesafe (£94 with a discount code)
7 - Townend Breeches (Birthday present from Rhean, but I know they're expensive)

Seven guilty pleasures or favorite items

1 - Getting to have such seriously awesome ponies

2 - Being able to go out and do things with them on a semi-regular basis
3 -Having them in a private field so not having to deal with livery drama
4 - Colour co-ordinating. Serious colour co-ordinating.
5 -Big squishy pony cuddles
6 - Getting pretty pictures of the ponies
7 - My hat and boots because they're 1 thing so shut up.

Seven things you love about horses and riding 

1 -Cuddles
2 - Long hacks with gallops
3 - Cross country
4 - Team ginger
5 - Seeing an improvement in the horse and realising it's down to you
6 - Knowing that they depend on you
7 -Basically my life.

The farrier is coming out today for Sunny and Ronaldo, Sunny will be a good boy because he always is, Ron....wish me luck.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Jumping some twigs

On Saturday we had our first outing of the year! Ahhh so nice to get them on the trailer and go places, can't wait for more places, places are the best!
Happy to report that Sunny is friends with the trailer again and if he hesitates we just shake the treat bucket at him and he's straight on there. Win!
We took Sunny and Sparkie cross country at a new place and it was amazing. There were literally a tonne of jumps ranging from a 1' log on the ground up to huge truck tires so there was definitely lots to play with.

The boys were amazing, Sparkie just ran around having the time of his life, he loves the water so the fact that there were two large water complexes just made his entire day. He's such a little seahorse.
Sunny was also very good, there was only one thing I pointed him at that he didn't go over, it was a ditch and as we came up to it I realised how big it was and I wussed out. I really didn't want to go over it so it would have been ridiculous to expect him to go over it. Maybe next time. But I'm so proud of what he did do. He went into water, trotted through and jumped out of it which I was amazed at.
Bascially they were just the best boys ever! More outings soon please!