Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Physio woes

Sunny does not like the physio thanks. I mean, if she just wants to come pet him and give him carrots that's ok. If she wants to do actual work on her he's not going to enjoy that. Just saying. She first came out last Friday but he decided he was done with her and left. Over a metal gate. Ripping his bridle. My beautiful micklem which will soon be going to have the bit strap rings sewn back on (after payday probably lets be honest). After that we decided it would probably be best to abandon and try again another day. She came out today and we managed to do a full session. He did not enjoy it and he made that pretty clear but we were able to do it and this is the main thing. He was pretty stiff on the left side which she said is unusual as this is the side that is stretching out when going right and right is his better rein but he always likes to be a little different our Sundance. She gave me some stretching ideas to do with him and recommended another session in about a month as his neck on the left side was pretty tense so probably needs some more work. Also, even though she'd seen him climb a gate and has never seen him behaving his best, the physio still said he's her favourite and wants to buy him lol.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

2014 in review - Part 2

Bathing! – It was getting warmer so everyone had their first bath of the year and Ron probably his first bath ever. He was not too keen, he then wore a rug for the first time ever and looked super cute.
A little more cross country – We took Sparkie and Jack out cross country together and it was super. I got to feel what it was like to ride cross country on a horse that I was pretty darn sure would actually jump what I pointed him at which was super fun and Jack had a fab time at his first cross country.
We hired out a jumping arena – This was the same place we’d taken Jack and Sparkie cross country but Sparkie and Sunny went this time.  It was really fun, Sunny was pretty spritely and I had my first falls of the year jumping in April. Lottie also did her first jump with Sunny on this outing.
More jumping – More working on technique over jumps, Sunny got his tongue over the bit for the first time ever during a jumping session and showed that sometimes he can be an exceptional little pony as he continued to jump everything we pointed him at with his tongue over the bit.
Schooling and pole work – Sunny re-introduced himself to trot and canter poles and continued to work on his general schooling. We also brought the pessoa back out from its winter rest for some work.
Ron turned 2 - He had a birthday pamper and developed a fetish for eating tack.
Show season started - Sunny and I did a couple (show jumping) in April and got a 1st and a 3rd rosette.


Sunny turned 6 – We got him balloons and he played jumping on his birthday, he did a grid for the first time and started working out where he needs to put his legs.
Much fun with plastic bags – Turns out when apples and carrots come out of plastic bags there is really nothing better that to stick your head right in them.
Ron is a show off – He spent much time showing us how fancy he could trot.
More bareback happened – Because that’s just super fun.
Sunny went cross county again – He showed us that he could be a big boy and play in the water on his own.
Jack and Sparkie did shows – Both were very good and came out with some pretty rosettes.
Lottie got a pony! – John came home on May 10th after we met him for the first time on Sunny’s birthday 9the 3rd)!

Lots of jumping happened - We did some more work on grids and just some general jumping sessions. Sunny started to get a bit more consistent in the heights we were doing (Still low but more consistent at around 2'3").
Jack went xc - It was his first time going out cross country alone as Sunny was supposed to go with him but I'd been injured so couldn't ride. He jumped great and was really chilled.
Sparkie did some show jumping - He nailed it, as per usual.
We did a hunter trial! - Sunny and Sparkie did a pairs hunter trail which was super fun (got eliminated for jumping an extra jump, oops, but it was still awesome) and then Sparkie did one on his own and did awesome.
Lots of relaxing was done - it was very hot, so much napping was required.