Wednesday, 22 July 2015

We all fall down

This blog will consist of lots of jumping photos and some more DIY. You have been warned.
I have flatworked Sunny since my last post, but nothing awe inspiring happened and there are no photos so this does not warrant a post. However I have been able to do lots of jumping since then yay!
First was star, we flatworked John first then had a play at jumping on Star. He was very excited so much fun was had!

Then on another day (I don't know when all these things happened, I just know that they did) Beth played grids with her boys and I got to have a play on both of them.

And today, I played jumps with Sunny! He seemed to know what we were doing because he was pretty sleepy while I was tacking up but as soon as I put his bridle on and realised he had his jumping bit in he was ready for action! We just played over two jumps and he was fab. He was cantering from one jump to the other on the right leg and just having a fab time. He was easily the best behaved he's been with his jumping probably ever and didn't have a single tantrum even though we went up to 80cm which is the biggest we've done for a very long time. We did have one incident where he fell with me and landed on my leg but we both got up and were fine. He'd come into the jump, thought about stopping, changed his mind and decided to jump it but then just completely misjudged the space and his landing and we just toppled. He was fine though and we did another jump after just to check our confidence (which was still fine surprisingly, if that had happened 6 months ago I probably still wouldn't be jumping now!) Overall I was super pleased with our ride.

 Over the last couple of weeks we've been doing some organising in the tack room and we're finally finished (pretty much, I need a boot stand so I can keep some boots in there and a bin but other than that we're done). I'm so happy with it, everything is so much more organised now and looks really cosy.
So pretty and organised

Thursday, 9 July 2015

DIY time

I've been collecting paint over the past few months when it's been on sale and last weekend I decided it was time to do some DIY on the jump poles, we had a couple that were the result of broken poles that I neatened up to use as skinny poles and we just gave them all a good spruce up. I still want to add some to the skinny poles (they're just white for now so I want them more colourful) and have one set of wooden wings to pain but after that we'll be all done with pretty jumps.

The day before the jump painting fun started I had a little late evening ride on Sunny and did some schooling. No big breakthroughs to report but it was a nice ride.
On Tuesday it was time to play with the new jumps! First we went up to Lottie's yard and played flatwork with her boys.

Then off to ours. I rode Sunny first and played over some jumps. In our warm up he got right canter the first time I asked, yay! He was really eager and was taking me to most of the fences. We had a couple of moments when he had a mini tantrum but I managed to ride him through it and get him to do what I asked. Overall I was super pleased with him and counted it as very much a success.

Then Beth jumped Sparkie and let me have a little play on him after.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

That flying thing

You know, that thing where you put yourself on your horse and then throw the two of you over a stick held up by some plastic? We did that!
First we schooled, because this was the original plan for the day. And I have to say he was pretty awesome. Stand is still an issue. We can kind of do it, but we kind of have to fidget and can't possibly keep holding our back up. But other than that schooling went really well. So well in fact that we got the right canter lead every time we asked for it. Yay! So because he was so good we decided to pop him over a little 1' pole which then had to be raised because he was just gunning it hell for leather and needed something to think about. Popped it up to about 2'3" in the end and he jumped it much better. Still definitely need his waterford for jumping as I had little to no control going into it in the lozenge but he was controllable after once it was up past 2' and didn't buck or throw his head down after so I was very happy. I even took him over a little make shift cross country jump (a branch and some tyres) which I expected him to have a shit fit at but he impressed me and actually went over it with no tantrums. Very much a happy Emma!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Super Sunday

Yesterday was such a good day, marred only by the fact that Beth was ill and couldn't come join in with our shenanigans so we'll have to do it all again one day soon.
In the morning we fetched Star down to our yard and him and Sparkie played jumping over a little course Beth had set up for us earlier in the week. They were both really good, Sparkie was a bit dismayed that I was making him jump such small obstacles but he was very good about it as usual lol. Afterwards we took them for a hack to cool down and they were fab.

Then after we dropped star off at home we came back (after a pit stop for lunch) and rode Sunny. And we cantered yay! Left canter was good, took him a sec to realise I actually did mean canter yes please Sunny but once he realised we were fine and had some lovely left canter. Right....well....maybe one day we'll have a right canter. We tried putting a pole down as a guide to tell him to go into canter and he got that pretty quickly and took off at the pole...into left canter...going right. At least he tried. We never actually got right canter this right but it's been such a long time since I asked him to school the canter that I let it go and we'll try again next time :)

Saturday, 20 June 2015

More scoping

Sunny had his follow up scope on Wednesday and his ulcers are healing nicely, yay! We're now down to half dose of omeprazole for two weeks and then we'll just use it when we're traveling, jumping or doing anything particularly strenuous. We can now come back into more work but realistically that's probably not going to happen until next weekend because I'm on nights this week. But I promise there will be updates and I haven't abandoned this blog completely.
We did go for a hack last week, it wasn't the best hack we've ever had but it certainly wasn't the worst and I think we can definitely work with it.
In other news, puberty has finally hit and Sunny has recently grown a fetching mustache....and apparently bleached it.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Back to work

Rode Sunny again today, this time we actually had a 'real' ride (being an actual decent length of time). He worked really well and was working forward with his back end and over tracking really nicely. I've realised that I have an issue with forgetting about one body part when I focus on another, so while I was focusing on keeping my elbows soft and shoulders relaxed I was tensing up in my pelvis and essentially blocking his ability to really move forward and swing his back. So then I had to work on controlling multiple body parts at once which clearly is something I'm not very good at. It made a difference though because when I concentrated on keeping my elbows and pelvis both loose he was much more forward and freely moving into the bridle. Beth had a little go after me and did some stirrup-less work since she was in little pumps which fell off pretty quick.

And then we went to a tack shop, because when we were at the show with Star the other week they had a stall and I saw a saddle cloth and fly veil that I really, really wanted but I didn't have my purse. So I had to fix that.
So much pretty!

Monday, 8 June 2015

I rode my pony!

Finally rode Sunny on Thursday for the first time since his gastroscope, the plan is to take it really easy with him and just do gentle work to get him back up to speed, we'll start working a little bit harder once he has started treatment for his anaemia as I'm fully aware anaemia can make you very tired and lethargic.
We just had a very short ride, maybe 10-20 minutes. Started off in walk, worked on halt, staying halted, backing up and just general transitions then added some trotting in with more transitions and lots of stretching. He was a really good boy and his trot felt so lovely and floaty, I was even able to do quite a bit of sitting trot which is normally quite hard for me on Sunny so that was lovely.
When I last cleaned by tack I accidentally put my stirrups back on jumping length....oops